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About NGSPB | About The Natural Gas Society of the Permian Basin
About NGSPB | About The Natural Gas Society of the Permian Basin
About NGSPB | About Natural Gas Society of the Permian Basin


NGSPB exists to connect and professionally develop members through educational, legislative, social, and technical events. Working in all facets of the natural gas and energy industries, our members are what make us unique. NGSPB offers you the opportunity connect with individuals working in a variety of different positions for organizations large and small.

Board Members

Elise Taunton


Elise Taunton currently serves as a Midstream and Marketing Representative at Permian Resources.

Full Bio

Elise started out her career in the broadcast industry here in the Basin. In the news business she produced hundreds of newscasts, even winning several Associated Press awards. Elise then turned her sights on becoming a Landman where she specialized in Title. From there, Elise worked as the Commercial and Operations Manager for Caballo Loco Midstream before joining Permian Resources.

A Texas A&M University graduate, Elise attained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and in Psychology.

Zach Augustine


Zach Augustine currently serves as Manager of Commercial for Kinetik. He is primarily responsible for commercial development for Kinetik’s natural gas, crude oil, and water midstream assets in the Delaware Basin.

Full Bio

Prior to Kinetik, Zach worked at Gibson Energy in Midland as a Crude Oil Marketing Representative responsible for a portion of Gibson’s lease trading business in the Permian Basin. Zach began his career in Midland working for Endeavor Energy Resources and was responsible for the crude oil and gas marketing of Endeavor’s equity Permian Basin production.

Zach holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Energy Commerce from Texas Tech University.

Bill Westman | Natural Gas Society Of The Permian Basin (NGSPB)

Bill Westman

Vice President

Bill Westman currently works for OGX Operating and serves as the Controller for Permian Frac Sand. He is tasked with financial reporting, oversight and management of the accounting department.

Full Bio

Prior to OGX Operating, Mr. Westman worked as a Senior Tax Accountant for Weaver focusing on federal and state tax compliance.

Mr. Westman is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

Mr. Westman holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting and Management Information Systems from Baylor University.

Tracy Cobb


Tracy Cobb currently serves as the Contract Administrator at West Texas Gas supporting the Gas Purchasers in the management of Gas Purchase Contracts.  She is responsible for the integrity of the contractual data in the contract management system, processing all producer assignments and works as a liaison with the Accounting and Mapping Departments.

Full Bio

Prior to joining West Texas Gas in 2012, Ms. Cobb served as a licensed Social Worker with the Texas  Health and Human Services Commission.

Ms. Cobb holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Louisiana College.

Arianne Menefee

Board Memeber

Arianne Menefee currently serves as a Senior Commercial Operations Analyst  Analyst in the commercial department for WTG.

Prior to WTG, Ms. Menefee served as a Project Analyst in the commercial department for Oryx Midstream. As a project analyst, her responsibilities consist of key performance metrics, mapping, contract administration, customer invoicing, and pipeline scheduling.Prior to Oryx Midstream, Ms. Menefee worked at Reliance Gathering as a Project Analyst until Reliance Gathering sold to a joint venture between Rattler Midstream and Oryx Midstream Services. Prior to Reliance Gathering, Ms. Menefee held several commercial and accounting roles for West Texas Gas.

Ms. Menefee holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and an MBA from Angelo State University

Trey Berthelot III

Board Member

I.J. “Trey” Berthelot III currently serves as the Gas Supply Manager for Woodland Midstream II. He is responsible for managing customer relationships and developing business development opportunities in and around Woodland’s James Lake Processing System.

Full Bio

Prior to Woodland Midstream, Mr. Berthelot worked as the Commercial Analyst for Monarch Midstream, assisting in the evaluation of potential commercial acquisitions and business development opportunities.

Mr. Berthelot holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Jeff Newton

Board Member

Jeff Newton currently serves as a Land Representative for West Texas Gas, Inc. and is responsible for acquiring and managing infrastructure easements along with other related agreements for all of West Texas Gas’ services: gathering, processing, transmission and distribution.

Full Bio

Since joining West Texas Gas in 2012, Mr. Newton has been involved in all spectrums of West Texas Gas’ land department: purchasing and leasing compressor and plant sites, acquiring pipeline and utility easements.

Mr. Newton holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Energy Commerce from Texas Tech University.

Matthew Hunt

Board Member

Matthew Hunt currently serves as a Natural gas marketer and NGL representative for West Texas Gas, Inc.  Functions include scheduling, purchasing and balancing on multiple transportation pipelines for both positions.

Full Bio

Since Matthew Hunt joined West Texas Gas in 2013 those roles have grown to include T&F contracts for NGL position.  Before joining West Texas Gas he was a financial advisor with Edward Jones.

Mr. Hunt holds a Bachelor’s in Finance and Applied Economics and a MBA from Eastern New Mexico University.

Audrey DeBleecker

Board Member

Audrey DeBleecker is a Commercial Analyst for Caballo Loco Midstream. As a Commercial Analyst for Caballo Loco, Audrey handles pricing files for oil, gas, and NGL markets providing the most up to date information for all our clients.

Full Bio

Audrey is a graduate of University of Texas Permian Basin, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Shelby Flatt

Business Manager

Shelby Flatt currently serves as Business Development Manager at WHC Energy Services.

Prior to WHC Energy Services, Ms. Flatt held positions at Ramrod Trucking and Blackline Energy Services.

Ms. Flatt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Lubbock Christian University.


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